3 years to 5 years children are eligible to take the course. Lessons will be provided through the recorded video, audio, pdf files and virtual live classes through an authorised teaching platform. When needed one to one interaction is also provided. Our courses are absolutely based on global themes and subthemes to give the children a better exposure. 3 standards are included in the Course - Nursery (3+ age group), Lower Infant (4+age group) & Upper Infant (5+age group).

about course

Our online curriculum provides real life applications and activities, which enables your child to be independent mentally and physically. For this a real life mentor like teacher/mother/ or anyone must be present with the child who can help the kid to go along with the lessons.

how to apply

Our official website is Fill up the Contact form and send us through email directly. We will contact you. You can WhatsApp at 7004088345 or contact us through the same mobile no. within office hours (IST 9.30am to 4.30pm Mon-Fri)

Subjects and Assessments

Each kid can opt for the subjects/skills of his/her choice appropriate for the the age group, both scholastic and co-scholastic from any part of the world. We will contact you after receiving the e mail at the earliest.

For all the courses of the programme each kid will be assessed in short term/mid term and term end and the feedback report, formative as well as summative, will be send to the parents on a regular basis.


  • Circle Time Social skill
  • Writing Fine Motor Skill
  • ReadingCognitive Skill
  • Numberlogical skill
  • EVSEnv. senses
  • Perform.Art Lang/rhythm
  • Visual ArtAesthetic

course fee ₹ XXXX